Asportek offers services that are at the forefront of scientific advances in both work-out training and nutrition. They take an intelligent, integral and efficient approach to whole body health.



The training and fitness industry is constantly growing and is extremely competitive. Our mandate was to develop the visual identity and the brand positioning of the Company. We worked closely alongside the team at Asportek to ensure that their branding was strong and would differentiate itself from the competition.


Our experts needed to revise the internal communication strategies in place at Asportek in order for them to respond better to the market’s demands. To boost the sales of a new line of homemade nutritional supplements, Synapsis Branding developed a user-friendly online store highlighting the Company’s products.


The branding, created by Synapsis, takes into consideration all services offered in the training room as well as the new line of nutritional supplements and detox care that have been created by Asportek. The new branding also re-enforces the Company’s professionalism. The implementation of the online store has strengthened Asportek’s profitability facilitating access to products while providing added value and credibility with clients.