Flexicom specializes in advancing real estate commissions to agents/brokers and brokerage firms who want to get their compensation upon the sale of a property, whether it be for personal or professional reasons.



Flexicom first assigned Synapsis Branding to develop both a brand strategy and a new image. These elements were then integrated into all existing communication tools. Synapsis Branding acts as the Marketing Department for Flexicom on a daily basis, managing all online communities and communications as well as developing all sales presentations, brochures and various other marketing tools.


To ensure that the accessibility of Flexicom’s services were effectively translated through the strategic repositioning, new corporate identity and web platform.


The strategy that was established by Synapsis Branding combines the simplicity and quick operations of Flexicom’s services. A key tool, developed for the website, is the ability to simulate a transaction and perform a cash advance application safely, in minutes. Following the implementation of the new image, brand strategy and its applications, Flexicom’s sales have increased significantly and with the constant support of Synapsis Branding, they continue to grow.